Monday, July 25, 2005

Wash Day

Got my laundry done and hanging on the line to dry. Its hot but there is a small breeze every once in a while. I have my spray bottle of lavender to spritz everything a few minutes before I take it off the line..... aaaaa I love the fresh smell of lavender or couldn't you tell. I even got energetic last night and baked 2 loaves of sour dough whole wheat bread. I put an automatic feeder back out on the deck in hopes the neighborhood cats will use it and not come inside. The dogs have been fed, watered (ice water) and given a bone to chew. The iguana has had his morning treat and a shower with the garden hose. (he loves the water). I have taken several trunks full of items and put them in the storage trailer and hauled off bags of stuff before William gets home to look thru them and say we can't throw this stuff away. I am actually getting a lot done today even with the heat. Today is suppose to be 98 but tomorrow is 100 and next day 102. Guess we are really in for a hot spell. Most of my work will be indoors for the next few days. I wanted to work in my flowerbeds but they can wait til it cools off. Time to check out my favorite blogs and then get back working on the livingroom........ Have a great Monday!

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ms*robyn said...

nothing I like as much as a clothes line full of clean washing ! I love the smell of sunshine