Monday, July 25, 2005

Please someone send us some cooler weather! Today's temp got up to 99 with heat factor at 105. Tomorrow the temp is suppose to 104!! That is not heat factor but actual temperture! I am and have always been a cold weather person that wants lots of snow..... so why am I living in the south?! I was born and raised in this beautiful state and we use to get lots of snow and cold weather. I remember during the summer sleeping under a quilt at night as it always got cool every night. What has happened to that wonderful weather I had as a child? Today I felt sorry for Lady with all her hair so I brushed to get all that she was shedding and then I got the water hose and sprayed her. She stood there and enjoyed every minute. I put a fresh frozen jug in their water bucket and she and Tramp enjoyed the ice cold water. I did a few things outside but came back in and worked alittle though not as much as I wanted to. Its much too hot. I am off for a nice cold shower and then relaxing with a nice cold glass of fresh ice tea. Watch a little telly then off to bed. I am going to Lexington tomorrow to pack up a few things to bring here. Hubby will meet me there and has some errands to take care of before he heads this way. He is taking a week off so we can get some of our projects here done. I will return Wednesday so everyone stay nice and cool and keep an eye on the animals for me! (actually my neighbor Fran is doing that) Just don't make a mess and if you do clean it up before I get back!

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