Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Christmas Rose

My friend Laurie at Rose Garden posted the story about the Christmas rose. While looking thru some of my Christmas books I found this poem.

Three wise men came that Christmas night

With gifts of myrrh and gold

To bow before the wonderous Child

His greatness to behold

A little shepherdess nearby

Yearned to kneel and pay

Her homeage to the newborn king

On this the Child's birthday

No gift had she to offer him

No gift but tears of pain

Which fell like pearls to the ground

As beads in a holy chain

A flower sprang up beneath her feet

As white as her pure brow

She plucked it up with eager hands

And on its breathed a vow

She knelt before the Child's crib

In love and agony

His holy hand reached for the flower

And touched it childishly

At once its heart became pale pink

This flower the Christ Child chose

It blooms throughout the holy days

And is called the Christmas Rose.

By Frances Cooper Thompson


Mrs.Garcia said...

Peggy , the Poem you posted about the Christmas Rose is so beautiful. I love the story of the Christmas Rose.

judypatooote said...

Peggy, the poem and the music is just beautiful.....and the little tree.... do you collect postcards, antique ones because you seem to have posted some wonderful pictures. Are you in a paid program to beable to have music, and that little tree on the curser...? Are you, Are you, Are you.....Sorry! Pretty nosey aren't I? LOL

Lady Laurie said...

Peggy,what a lovely poem,thanks for posting it!!

Amy said...

That's such a sweet poem!