Sunday, January 08, 2006

Yesterday was very cold, today is very warm.. whats up Mother Nature? This is the type of weather that gives us colds. Yesterday I sat by the fire and enjoyed my seed catalogs and watched the birds. Today I am going outside and enjoying this warm weather by taking the dogs for a walk and filling the bird feeders and doing some yardwork. 65 degrees is too nice to stay indoors. I want to walk around and plan where to put our raised garden beds and where I want different things planted. William is on his way home from Canada so I need to work on my "honey do" list for him and I am sure he is working on one for me. So many things we need to get done around here and so many things we still have to do at the old place. We are blessed we are able to do these things and even enjoy the hard work. Enjoy your day, Enjoy your pets, Enjoy the birds (don't forget to feed them), Enjoy your weather, Enjoy making plans and Enjoy your Blessings! Here is my scripture verse and thought for the day:
He knoweth thy walking through this great wilderness. Deuteronomy 2:7
The Lord knows the end from the beginning and nothing is surer than that He uses His children to carry out His plans.


Jeanne said...

God bless you my precious friend
Love Jeanne

CoolChic said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love goats milk soap.

We try to plant a garden each year (last year we didn't). It's great being able to walk out to the garden to grab what we need for a meal. The best part is, we plant late and K's father plants early, so we get to enjoy the fresh veggies a little longer.

I ordered my mother some asparagus seeds last year. A 4 year wait before we can start to enjoy them. :o( But it certainly will be well worth it!!

Take Care

Connie and Rob said...

You are so lucky to be actually walking outside and dreaming of spring. Love thinking about how make the yard the way you want it took look. Sometimes I am a little surprised by the color of the flower but nevertheless always happy with the creation.

Stay well in that uncertain weather. You are right...that is when I get concerned people will start catching colds.


Maggie Ann said...

How sure is the love of God for us. The birds sing to us or for him and we get the benefit too. He's the one who made our ears..after all. *smile* I love the beauty of outdoors and I love reading your posts. How pleasant to have friends in this world...I'm thankful for you! Love your daily scripture verse and thought!