Friday, September 15, 2006

Answering Your Questions

I try to answer questions ask in the comments in that person's blog comment section. Alas I am behind. So here are the answers to some of the questions asked.

No, I didn't make the slipcovers for my 2 sofa's and loveseat. I ordered them from Domestications where they were on sale.

Yes, the birdfeeder pattern came from Birds and Bloom but I purchased it from a farmer at the farmers market in Lumberton. I am going to use it as a pattern to make some for gifts.

Miss Diva is fine and healthy. No CAE . Thanks for all the prayers

When it rains Miss Diva stays in her stall as she hates to get her hair wet! Not one drop does she want to fall on her.

Mary from Fireflies and Frogs did my template and made my blog fall beautiful. The slide shows are easy. If you want to put one on your blog just click on the frog on my slideshow. It will take you step by step and its free and easy! It will even post it on your blog for you so you don't have to copy and paste a code.

The carolers are paper mache and the lady made them over 20 years ago. She and her husband are moving into a retirement condo and none of her grown children wanted them so she sold them in a yardsale for $10. I can't believe the children didn't want something their mother had made and the memories they would bring when displayed.

John Denver is the artist singing. Its one of his earlier songs.

I think that got most of the questions and I am sorry I haven't answered them on your blog. It has been crazy around here for a few days. William was home and we rush to get as many things done as we can while he is here. Plus we go over a list of things for me to do while he is out on the road. The rain has put me behind on painting and outside things but I worked outside all day today. It was so nice and cool I didn't mind being outside at all. I will be heading out before daylight tomorrow driving to the mountains for a family picnic. Its 356 miles there where I will stay for a couple of hours then drive 356 miles back. Hopefully I will have someone soon that can feed and milk so I can be gone overnight. The handyman will be here tomorrow working and will keep an eye on the animals. He is going to learn how to milk soon so he can help me out. Anyway I won't be posting till late tomorrow night but will have photos. Have a great weekend, Thank God for all your blessings and say a prayer I have a safe uneventful trip.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip!

Donna B
(a/k/a ladyofblessings)

miss*R said...

I tried all day yesterday to access your blog - and it kept telling me it didn't exist. I thought you must have deleted it. thank Heaven you didn't.
oh, I am so glad that my ms*diva is ok. I was praying every day for her. I love her so much xoxoxoxo
have a safe trip and a wonderful time on the picnic.
and I always thank God for my blessings xoxox I am blessed to have you as a friend and miss diva too xo

Rosa said...

Safe trip. Guardian angel on your shoulder! So glad to hear Miss Diva is fine. I have been hoping to hear that good news! Yea!!! xoxo

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

have a safe trip..

thanks for answereing all the unanswered;)