Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bathroom Redo

Have starting ordering and getting things together so we can start the bathroom make-over as soon as Wayne finishes William's building. Found the perfect wallpaper and border. I collect country angels and display them in the bathroom. I am going to use the washed out panels 3/4 of the way up the wall and wallpaper the rest of the way with border around the top
Here is the vessel sink I am putting on my antique washstand to make my sink.
The photo below is similar to my washstand except mine has a faux marble top. I would take a picture of mine but its out in the toolshed.
I going with old timey plank floor stained to match the sink and the towel cabinet
We are taking out the bathtub and having a corner shower stall
And for lighting over the sink and antique mirror that was my mothers we are using
So that's the plan for my bathroom. It won't be started for a week or so and then I know it will take a couple of weeks. I am just excited. I have everything ordered or bought already so we won't have to wait on any items. So Sharon you will just have to wait till its finished to see a photo!!


novaks8 said...

very nice!

I used to get a catalog that had wallpaper and borders like that.

I can't remember the name of it.

I love those vessel sinks.

Cookie said...

I just love all things you have planned for the new bathroom. You will feel like a queen when its finished. You deserve it !! Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

How exciting. I love your choices. It's fun to remodel!

Donna B
(a/k/a ladyofblessings)

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

You sound like the busiest person and yet you always sound so upbeat and ready for it all. Where do you get all of this energy? driving 356 miles for a few hrs? making soaps? painting? feeding and milking? head spins! Is there a way to bottle that energy? it would be a big seller!

Rosa said...

that's going to be a gorgeous bath! I love it. Have fun with it!!