Thursday, November 09, 2006

Before I Wake by Dee Henderson

Dee Henderson is the author of many best sellers. Before I Wake is not one of them. The story is about a former FBI agent ,Rae going into the private investigating with her former boyfriend, Bruce in Justice, IL. They end up working with the sheriff, Nathan to try to solve several murders. Do the good guys win? Who gets the girl? After reading this book I still don't have the answers. If there is going to be a sequel to finish the story I doubt I will read it to find out. This book of 381 pages should have been written in 100 pages. Too many useless filler pages and terrible grammar. The only good thing I can say is I didn't have to buy this book to read it.

I am a 53 yr. old retired lab tech that reviews books for Active Christian Media. I don't receive any compensation for my reviews. On a scale of one to 5 five I give Before I Wake a one.

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