Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Stocking Swap

Just reminding everyone about the stocking swap. The last day to sign up is November 15th. Got a nice group signed up but have room for more. We even have our first gentleman joining the swap! So come on guys , you can join the fun too!

Hop on over to Jenny's where she is celebrating her 100th post with a contest. Great prizes!


Jennifer said...

Peggy, thanks for visiting, and thanks for the link! you are entered into the contest!!

I think you are living my dream...I would love to have property and live off the grid! Part of me thinks I would prove to be too wimpy if we tried. so, instead I read about milking goats and beekeeping and stuff.

Jenny in Ca (in a city, with a normal sized backyard...but we have a compost heap and chickens!)

PEA said...

I can't wait to hear who my swap partner will be...hey it's great that even the male species is getting involved!! lol I went over to Jenny's blog to congratulate her...what a wonderful idea she's got to hold a contest in celebration:-)

Anonymous said...

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