Friday, November 10, 2006

Peep Peep

Killer was worse than normal this morning. I always check to see if any of her eggs have hatched and she always bites me. Not peck but bring the blood bites. This morning as soon as she saw me walk into the chicken lot she started squawking . I hadn't even gotten near her so I knew something was up. Killer is the proud mom of a baby chick. Its not really hers as she is a bantam that likes sitting on other hens eggs but she is a mom just the same. I have brought the chick inside as I didn't want the other hens pecking it. Peepster is in a box with a heatlamp and has been eating. drinking and peeping all afternoon. When I want a little peace and quiet I take it out of the box and wrap it in a wool rag and hold it. Peepster goes to sleep and is quiet for awhile. It won't be lonely for too long as Killer has more eggs to hatch and so do Betty Boop and Blondie. All 3 are bantams sitting on big brown eggs. They won't sit on the little bantam eggs no matter how much I try to get them to so they are going to be small moms with BIG babies!
This is Killer this afternoon after I took Peepster from her. She still has 9 eggs left to hatch.
And that is Peepster! He/she is black with a white spot on its head and chest. Cute but loud!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

This is when I love chickens..Only when...they get to be chickens I dont like them much at all. Sandy

Moobear said...

Peggy, I enjoyed this so much, but no nothing about hens, could you tell me how you know that Killer has nine more eggs to lay? So they "all" hatch the same amount of eggs?
Thanks for your great blog too friend!

God Bless