Thursday, January 25, 2007

Old Man Winter is in Town

button up your overcoat cause the weather IS breezy and freezy! The coldest weather of the season is here and I am enjoying it! And Ms. Diva doesn't mind now that she is styling in her red fleece shirt. Enjoyed burning scrap wood after feeding this morning. Filled the bird feeders so the birds could eat and stay warm. Put more bedding in the rabbit houses. Moved my kindling box and filled my log holder so I can stay toasty tonight. Put away my soaps that had been drying on the dining room table and have a nice big pot of homemade soup simmering on the wood stove. Took my neighbor Fran to haul her garbage off and then I stopped at post office to mail off some soaps. We stopped at the grocery store where she bought a few groceries and I needed carrots and lettuce for Diva, Bud and Flower. The guineas stayed in the pen last night and today. Felt good not to have to chase them. Granted they still like to run up and down the fence but at least are quiet today.
The baby bunnies are growing so fast! They are making noises like a baby kitten. I took out a different one today for a quick snapshot. It didn't like being out of the nest and wouldn't hold still.
I found a cute little sign to hang over Diva's stall at the dollar tree. Just had to get it for her!
What do you think? Think it was made for her???? LOL


Anonymous said...

I love Diva's coat, and her sign! Cute!

Jeanne said...

Keep warm
Love you
Love and hugs

PEA said...

Lol I saw that Diva sign at our dollar store a few days ago and thought of your Diva right away!! hehe I just love her winter clothes...what a stylish lady she is! I can't get over how quickly the bunnies! Very frigid temps here too right now. Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

I think it was made especially for her!!

Love the little bunny. How precious!!

Anonymous said...

I like how the sign creates a shadow down below putting her name in another spot. Definitely a good buy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like that sign was made just for her. I bet she thinks you special ordered it!!

Diva looks like she is ready for her Valentine's Day date.

Take care,