Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bye Bye

The grands are home. I met my daughter and son in law halfway as its a 5 hour drive all the way. The kids got out of the van telling their mom they didn't want to go home. They also starting talking at once about all the things they did and all the animals they helped take care of. I know mom and dad are going to have tired ears by the time they get home. Plans are already being made by the mighty foursome to return this summer with their cousins for a week or two. I was even told with all of them here I wouldn't have to do any chores. I don't think I am ready to turn the kids loose alone with my animals. Not yet anyway. LOL Things are quiet around the homestead but I have tons of things to get done and clean up. William will be home late tonight for a few days so I feel a to do list coming on. Have a great weekend and count those blessings! Woody and Zack had to pretend to cry when waving goodbye to Hidden Haven. I think they will be happy to be home and back to school and friends.


meggie said...

Those children have had a wonderful holiday with their Grandma! I think the animals will miss them too.

miss*R said...

I think I have said this before: your place sounds like heaven for grandchildren, what memories they will have
ps- love your cursor thing! a goat :)

"Early Bird" said...

This will be a visit they will never forget!
Now, go take a load off your feet and have a deserve it!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Sit back, put your feet up and do some listeing to the quiet. I know how much you deserve that grandma. I have been there and done that. So I know you will enjoy life getting back to NORMAL whatever that is...quiet!!

PEA said...

Sigh...I miss them already!!! hehe Oh Peggy, I can just imagine how much they loved being at your place! Hmmm they want to come back and bring MORE kids with them...yikes! lol xoxo

LisaOceandreamer said...

you know what, I would feel the same as they do if I had the chance to hang out with you and all the animals at Hidden Haven Homestead. I know I would be very sad to go! They are weaving the most precious memories! I would have loved grandparents like you when I was little - think of all they are learning at the same time!!
Sending love and light,

Marci said...

Peggy, I am glad you have lots to do to keep you busy. I understand about turning them loose alone with the animals. My animals are used to a routine and my goats don't like anyone but us. =) I guess they are snobs.

Mary said...

Peggy I think you deserve a special award for being the world's best Grandmother ever! What patience you must have and how wonderful you give these marvelous grandchildren a truly fabulous vacation in the country.

Get some rest now - you deserve to be waited on hand and foot!
Fondest wishes from windy Raleigh.

Love the little goat cursor!