Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have nothing to post about today. Diva is still waddling along. Nitro is being a pain in the you know what. He doesn't want me paying attention to anyone but him. Sammi is being sweet little Sammi. Tiger had 4 kittens instead of just the 2 I saw yesterday. They are full of spitfire! Sister, Killer and Henny Penny are all wanting to sit on eggs so I have to fight all 3 to get the fresh eggs and make sure they all have equal amount of sitting eggs though they steal from each other when I leave. Moleen, Larry and Curly are getting along with the Bonnie and Clyde the big geese so let them out of their pen to interact with all the other feathered friends. Set out some plants, cleaned the goat pen again and just piddled around since everything was all wet from the rain we had. Got a long to do list for tomorrow so hopefully I will have more to post. Have a great weekend!


PEA said...

Poor Diva, she looks soooo uncomfortable! Animals are just like children aren't they! lol I'm always giggling at the antics yours get up to! hehe We finally had a sunny and mild day here today...after all my Impatiens froze this morning...aaarrggghhh! xox

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Well guess I lost my guess for today!! I was hoping Diva would have her babies today on my granddaughter's 18th birthday but of course the day is not over with yet!!! You are always busy!! You have so much to do!! We got rain and we were SO VERY GLAD TO SEE IT!! WE were so surprised to hear thunder!! WE had not heard it in such a long long time. Thanks for stopping by..Sandy

Mrs.Garcia said...

Peggy, Wow 4 kittens. I will be praying for you.
I hope Diva has her Kids(Twins) On May23rd.
God Bless,

Rosa said...

Ok Diva, anytime after 12 mindite! C'mon girl! It's time those babies came out! (And I picked the 18th for them to arrive!) Poor thing. She looks so miz.

amelia said...

Poor Diva, my daughter had triplets, who are now sixteen, but she says she still remembers how you feel!!

We all hope it's not much longer for you!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Peggy, I had given up hope that my date of May 20 would see you with baby goats. I am again getting feeling of hope to win the contest.

Hang on Diva!

If she has them on the 21st you will have to call two females Victoria and Elizabeth and a male Mr Browne. The 21st is Victoria Day the Queen's birthday. We also offically celebrate Queen Elizabeth's birthday the same day. Mr Browne was Queen Victoria's commoner Scottish lover. I wonder if her consort Albert and her 10 children knew?

Don't forget Victoria, Elizabeth and Mr Browne (or just Brownie if you prefer.)