Thursday, May 17, 2007

These are the dates that are left. Still time if you want to put in a guess and a chance to win a gift basket of Diva soap and a bar of a new scent made especially in honor of her kidding. This might be your last chance!

May 18th Rosa twins
May 19th Nancy twins (boy&girl)

May 19th Connie ( 1 baby with big feet)

May 19th Distilled Rose Products twins

May 20th Philip triplets

May 21st in the morning.. Lisa (Oceandreamer) one baby

May 21st Mary Novak twins

May 21st Rachel twins

May 22nd Ray twins
May 23rd Mrs Garcia twins

May 23rd Jeff&Michelle triplets

May 24th Pea twins

May 25rd Mary twins (boy&girl)

May 25th One Blue Egg... triplets

May 25th Ms. Robyn twins
May 26th Tee Twins

June 1st Sandy & Ginger 1 baby ( Diva hopes you're wrong on the date!)Caroline doesn't want to pick a date but says it will be twins
Marian picks May 28th but really thinks May 23rd so I put her down for both dates!


Amy E said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Peggy! That was really sweet of you..Tell Diva to get on with it already. I am tired and I'm not even pregnant! I think she is having septuplets by the look of her! LOL!

Amy E said...

put me down for May 27th, twins


Jeanette said...

Hi Peggy can I have another guess 21st my grandaughters birthday

Anonymous said...

Dear Peggy,
Please whisper in Diva's ear that Saturday is my day...I have my fingers crossed.


Marci said...

Peggy, I don't know when she is going to go, but I do hope it is soon for her sake.

"Early Bird" said...

May the best guesser win! I can testify that your soap smells soo good!!

Anonymous said...

I put my date in a long time ago but wanted to add that I think it will be twins.

Never thought it would really go this long!

Rachel said...

The 21st, my birthday!! Just wait until then Diva!!! Good girl!!!

Tee said...

Alright, I say May 26th - twins for Mrs. Diva :)

Fun idea, Peggy :)

Rosa said...

C'mon Miss Diva, today's the day. No reason to wait any longer. C'mon sweety. Give it up, girlfriend! hehe

Anonymous said...

I put down the 17th (oh dear) but I also have a good feeling about the 22nd.... and think perhaps triplets might be squished up in there somewhere. Don't put my second guess down.... that's not fair.... I'm just having a bet with mother nature! I can't wait xox.