Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Whats New Around the Homestead

Sammi always sleeps with her head resting on her side. Looks uncomfortable to me. Tiger the wild cat that didn't want anyone touching it but gets to live here forever ( and that we thought was a boy surprised us. He is a she and she has been hiding her babies from us. Their eyes are open and they are running around everywhere. They are also adorable!

I will be finding homes for a couple of cute kittens! Moleen, Larry and Curly are growing! They are bigger than my grown chickens and they aren't even a month old yet.
Did you know that pea hens spread their tail feathers like a peacock? I didn't till I saw Juliet doing it.

Diva is in the home stretch of her pregnancy. I really thought she would have kidded by now. She is due next Wednesday but still hoping she doesn't wait till then as she is very miserable

Her bag is so full her hind legs are spread apart and she has a hard time walking. And we have a new bunny! Her name is Dotty and she is beautiful. Hopefully I will find a male that looks like her so we can have dotty babies.


jill said...

We thought our bunny was a boy for a year, and then found out she was a sweet little girl. Thankfully, it wasn't because she had babies (wouldn't do so well in NYC) - but it did need the conferring of the 3 vets in the docs office!

Mrs.Garcia said...

Peggy, I love the new bunny she is so pretty.
Oh Diva, Please Hold out till May 23rd.
Oh Tiger's kittens are so beautiful.
Makes me miss my pets that I had to put to sleep due to there age and health and also the ones I had to give up because I could no longer take proper care of them.
God Bless,

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

New baby kittens that is where I fall all apart. I love baby kittens. Annie is sitting on my lap now wondering why I have not been holding her this morning...trying to clean house you!! Annie is spolied!! Hmm!! I love your dotted bunny too...that is unusual I think...Have a great day..I wish that Diva would get this over with...She looks so horribly uncomfortable. I picked the 17th but any time would be fine. sandy

PEA said...

I had to really look at the picture of Sammi to figure out where her head was! lol That sure is quite a postition!! Sheesh! Awwww kittens...makes you wish they would stay that small. And a new bunny...when you going to adopt me to go live with you???? hehe Poor Diva...on the 24th she will have her kids, don't worry:-) Neener neener neener, you missed me again with your shoe! hehe xox

miss*R said...

I thought ms*Diva would have had her babies on the new moon - I guess she still can, a few more hours for you yet, I think

Peggy, remember when we first found each other, years ago on blogging ? - look how much you have achieved in such short time - well done you!! xoxo

"Early Bird" said...

Poor Diva!! She'll need a good long rest after this I'm thinking...the wee kitten is precious!!

Rosie said...

Wow...Diva is really sprung! It can't be long now. She's got to have triplets at least in there.

Anonymous said...

I'll share a secret with you...... I keep your blog on my screen for quite awhile after I have commented so I can listen to all of your music. It comforts me.

Much love, Nicole xox.

meggie said...

Poor Diva, she is very heavy now. Sending good vibes for her kidding.
Lovley little surprise kittens. And lovely spotty bunny.

Greeneyes said...

I really like it here , I love all the animals and you do such a terrific job with the blog showing us all the goings on ,it always makes me smile to see the pictures and see the animals , so thanks for making my day !


Rosa said...

I want a kitten!!! Aw. Poor Miss Diva. I was thinking of her yesterday. Ow, that looks awefully painful. Think I'd just lie around add day, don't you? xo

Mary said...

Peggy I just love seeing your new "children". The kittens are adorable and the bunny so cute. Hoping Diva will soon be snuggling up to her offspring too - poor gal needs some rest in a comfortable position I'm sure!

We have new fox kits in the back garden - three this year whereas last Spring there were four. They appear to be about a month old. We believe they are the same parents as she had them under our neighbor's shed again. They are so adorable - will post pics later.

Lady Laurie said...

It certainly has been busy on the homestead!! Poor Diva, she looks sooo uncomfortable!! The kittens are so cute, I am a sucker for kittens.
Hope you have a great weekend Peggy!

Anonymous said...

Miss Diva is going to be so happy to get rid of that big foot I just know I am going to win.

Love that bunny!!!