Thursday, June 07, 2007

Every morning and evening I know its feeding time because I see this waiting by the chicken pen door..

I have to be careful when I go in to feed not to step on anyone as they follow every step I make till I fill the feeders. When they see the feed I am not important anymore and can walk around the pen feeding the rabbits, geese and refilling the water buckets. At least they make me feel important for a few minutes.

William will be home late tonight or early in the morning. We are going to disbud the boys. For those that don't know its using a very very hot tool that burns the little nubs that would be horns if left alone. I don't want to do it but to be registered and to be able to be a show goat they need to be disbudded. I have pain medicine to give them though everyone tells me it doesn't hurt the kid and they will be running around playing in a few minutes. I just want to know who has the talking goat that told them it didn't hurt! William's daughter and her husband are coming tomorrow night to borrow our pickup to move some items. We also have Donna coming to visit for a few days. She is a sweet lady William met. Her car engine messed up and its taking a week to fix it and she was stranded in a area where she knew no one nor had anywhere to stay. I am looking forward to having her visit so I will have someone to talk to that can talk human instead of animal. :) Some of the grandchildren are coming down next week. Some will stay a week and some will stay a month. That will give me lots of blogging material! I will take a picture of the 2 new bunnies tomorrow. Dotty has them all buried in her nest so I have left them alone. Someone ask what I did with the bunnies. Some went to or are going to grandchildren and others are sold. I only keep Thumper, Flower and Dotty. Am looking for a spotted mate for Dotty though. We are having very hot and humid weather here. The heat index is over 100F and its not even summer yet. I didn't turn the air on last year till the end of July. Today I turned it on. Its bad enough to get hot and sweaty while working outside but to come inside and still be hot and sweaty is worse. I am so a cold snow climate person. Going to find some land where it snows alot and see if I can talk William into moving. Diva has enough sweaters and sweatshirts to share with the others. LOL Everyone have a wonderful weekend and lets count our blessings no matter how small or big.


miss*R said...

it is cold down here but not snowing - however, you would not cope at all with our summer and the humidity.
that scene that greets you - I have one exactly the same - those chickens love me when I go to feed them. there is always one who doesn't rush for the food - she thinks I have other stuff just for her..

Donna said...

I'm a cold weather person myself. I'm kinda grouchy when it's hot.

Jeanette said...

Hi peggy,Thank you for your lovely comments my first entry into blogging tells about my cancer.Oh the poor boys I hope the pain medicine works and they will be running around soon as there done. Your going to be Busier than ever with all the extra mouths to feed. Take care sending (((Hugs)))

"Early Bird" said...

You have a happy weekend to my friend!

Gina E. said...

Hi Peggy, Thanks for signing my Guest book - it is lovely to see you there! It was about time I visiting the Hidden Haven again, and I have enjoyed catching up with your gorgeous animal family!

peppylady said...

It fairly nice here not to cold and not to hot although weather like this don't last long.
High humidity in the heat I don't do well.

Yo sound busy.

Marci said...

Peggy, how appropriate that you end with talk of counting your blessings. I am going to be starting a Count Your Blessings Monday this coming week if I can make Mr. Linky work.

Sounds like you have been busy. I don't know if it hurts them or not. Ours start hollering when you hold their head down before you even put the disbudding iron on them. As soon as they are done, we have a bottle ready for them and they scamper off as if nothing is wrong.

No sign of Bud?

Emily said...

Peggy, your chickens look just like mine, only the congregation generally gathers at my back door. I've got them trained to come running when I yell, "Treats!"

Maybe the debudding is something like clipping nails or cutting hair, and they just hate the restraining part. I clip my mom's dog's nails and you'd think I was torturing her.

It snows quite a bit up here in NH, but let me tell you the summers can be quite hot and sticky. I guess you'd have to go much further north for cooler weather year 'round. Have a God-blessed weekend!

Rowan said...

All animals seem to have an internal clock that tells them when it's feeding time! Sounds as though you're going to be busy with all your guests for a while.
I can cope with dry heat but humidity wipes me out completely. Hope things get better on the heat front.

Rachel said...

I hope the debudding goes well.

It's hot here too and very humid. You sweat just doing nothing. Our air has been on for a long time.

Rachel said...

Oh, I received my goodies in the mail. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I loved it all and now there is no excuse for me to be all sweaty and stinky!! Haha!!! That chocolate is great too!! Yum!!

Daisy Cottage said...

Oh it is getting hotter here too. I love your chickens!!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I don't envy you your sweltering heat. Our weather always surprises us but never dispises us. We seldom have life theatening weather. Last week we had two nights below freezing and even a little snow with our rain. But now the sun is out and all is forgiven.

Air conditioning here, for me, is throwing the window open on a warm day.

Peggy, if you like cooler weather, my American choice for you would be Vermont.

meggie said...

Oh Peggy I dislike the heat too! I am a cold weather person.
Enjoy your weekend.