Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thank goodness this weekend is over! It has been a very stressful one. William arrived home Friday morning about 6:30am after driving all night so he was very very tired. He had brought a lady with him after talking with me over the phone. Her car broke down and is taking a week to fix the engine so she was at a truckstop just sitting in the tv room because her money was low. She is staying here with me till her car is ready. William and I both let our tempers flare a few times. The heat and humidity was terrible. We grilled out as Williams daughter and her husband were coming down to borrow our pickup. We ate inside because of the heat.
Mrs. Mighty Chicken died. She was the one I had doctored back after Mr. Mighty Chicken cut deep gashes in both her sides. I had let her back in the chicken lot but John Henry and Elvis started doing the same thing when they mated with her. I took her back out but with the heat and her wounds she didn't make it this time. Went out to feed this morning and found Donna (one of the white ducks) dead. We think it was a combo of the heat and Donald and Daffy chasing and mounting her all day the day before. Daisy will bite them and not run when they go after her.
Williams daughter and family brought the truck back this morning in time for breakfast. She had requested blueberry pancakes. Her husband wanted sausage and William wanted eggs and gravy so I got busy in the kitchen. After breakfast it was the most terrible part of the weekend. Time to disbud the boys. Ken (Williams son in law) said he would help but I still had to help too. I held the kid and Ken held the head and William burnt their nubs (what would have been horns). We had read and read how to do this and looked at the step by step photos but still were stressed to have to do it. I gave them owie ease, a herbal pain relief. Whoever says disbudding doesn't hurt is CRAZY! We did Brown Robyn first and he cried and cried and cried! William did two rounds on each nub but it wasn't enough. I couldn't stand it anymore and we let him go back with his mom for a rest and we heated the disbudder up for Frosty Dan. He cried a little but did fairly well. He got 2 rounds but wasn't enough either. We let them rest and nurse Diva. Diva and Sammi were determined I wasn't getting near the boys again. I kept trying to get one and they would corral them. Since Frosty Dan did so well the first time he went first the second time. This time he screamed and cried. Diva was crying, Sammi was crying, the chickens, geese and turkey were screaming and I was freaking out. Got Dan done and I had to go get Brown Robyn. I really really didn't want him to go through it again as he had such a hard time the first round. He had a even harder time the second time. He cried so loud and all the animals were crying just as loud. I finally said enough. If they aren't burnt enough too bad! We have the copper looking rings around the nubs and they already knocked the caps of the nubs off which we read would happen. I think its good enough. They get their ear tattoos next but that won't be bad. I have went out and checked on them alot and they slept for a while then was running around eating and are now fast asleep next to mom, dad and Auntie Sammi. None of the grown goats trust us so they are all sleeping in the same stall surrounding the boys to protect them. I never want to do this again but know I will have to. At least I could close my eyes while holding them and not have to watch. The good thing is the boys seem to have forgiven me. Brown Robyn loves for me to scratch his head and will almost fall asleep while I do this. He let me scratch his head tonight when I went out to check on them. Frosty Dan came to me but wouldn't let me rub him yet. I don't blame them. Tomorrow I have salve to put on their heads and pain relief if needed. Tomorrow starts a new week. I sure hope it brings lots of good things with it. We sure could use good happy things around here! I am still going to count my blessing tonight. One big blessing is the boys made it through the disbudding and so did I! I will post photos tomorrow.


peppylady said...

I'm getting ready to draw names for the Lithia (summer) scavenger hunt and I need a physical address to give to your partner.
I would e-mail this request but I don't see your e-mail address.
Could you please e-mail the info to

Dora (peppylady)

Marci said...

Oh Peggy, I always hate disbudding as well. I am glad it is over for the little fellows and for you.

Sioux said...

Man, I'm sure that is hard for both the boys and for you humans. Wow.

miss*R said...

you are just too nice, Peggy. No way would I let Joe bring a strange woman into my home !

that disbudding sounds just awful, I would be freaking out too - do you have to do it again on them?
or is it a one off thing?
hope it cools down for you soon - we are having record rain - floods in parts of our state and some areas have been declared a national disaster area.

Mary said...

Poor Peggy, my heart is sad that your weekend was so traumatic, especially having to go through that with the boys - sounds awful!
Sorry you have lost some animals too.
I hope this week will soon be better for you - sounds like you need a break, you work much too hard - I think William needs to take you on a trip!!
I feel a bit guilty telling you I'm off on vacation - but my thoughts are with you and I'll post when I return.
Hang in there - you are an amazing woman and your animals are so lucky to have you.
Special hugs for you ~ Mary ~

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

After your tortureous debudding experience, you may be asked to give up your title of "goat whisperer.:)

I am sorry your weekend was so stress filled. If you were here I would recomments sitting in the river up to your neck for half an hour to release your stess and wash your cares away.

amelia said...

Oh what an awful weekend.

I think you are being taken advantage of with the woman staying there. I wouldn't have it but you are obviously a nicer person than me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay Mom usually I read and don't post much but this time I had to post a comment! You need to be careful. You never know what people are capable of. I mean a stranger may appear nice and rob you blind by morning. Tell William if he continues bringing strangers home that I will be forced to kick his butt.
I love you

Anonymous said...

Oh Peggy you have had a very stressful weekend. I know your husband is exceptionally giving but no more strangers in your home. That is just too risky. We love you too much for some person to come in and hurt you in any way.

All those emotions with your animals is enough to make you weak. I know the boys will be your best friends for sure.

Sending you lots of hugs,

Jeanette said...

Dear Peggy a tear ran down my cheek as I read your tale today, Ohh Dear a perfect stranger in your home,Please be careful. Your poor boys going through all that pain and to loose a couple of your birds also, Any wonder you had a few words with William, I think you need a few days away .

meggie said...

Oh Peggy, I felt so sad for you, reading of all your stress over the weekend. That was very unfair, to bring a stranger to your home, especially when you had so much stress for the boys with the disbudding. It sounds horrible.
Hugs from me!!

Rosa said...

Oh Mother Peggy, I am so sorry for your losses. I don't know how you do it all. With the loss and then having to burn the babies, awwwww. Big hugs to you. You are so strong. I would have to break down and hire someone. I couldn't do it either. Bless you. You are the bestest! Instead of Old Mother Hubbard, you should be called Sweet Mother Peggy. {{Hugs}}

miss*R said...

ps- I agree with Mel :) xxoxo

LisaOceandreamer said...

You know Peggy when I read about William bringing that woman home I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It's one thing to give someone a couple of dollars or a meal but to bring them in to your home quite another. I know William's intentions were good but this is just way too risky. I care far too much about you NOT to say anything!
I am sorry to hear the weekend was so stressful what with the ordeal with the "boys" too.
I swear Peggy, you could use a pampering weekend!
Love and hugs,