Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dan and Robyn had to stay overnight at the hospital. Dan went right to sleep but Robyn had a hard time so they had to give him a little extra to put him under. He started waking up in the middle of surgery so they gave him gas. What should have been a 3 or 4 hour stay now has Diva here at home crying for her babies and the babies at the hospital without their mom. The surgery went good. The horns were removed and skin pulled over and stitched. The vet just wants to make sure Robyn wakes up okay and they both are able to stand, walk, eat, drink, etc before coming home. I will call in the morning and then drive the hour and half back to pick them up when they are ready. The good thing is I got all the milk tonight! Between Diva and Sammi I got a gallon of milk, but I would much rather have the boys home and no milk. They look so lost when I had to turn them over to the vet. Everyone was having a fit over them though. All the other animals in the livestock part of the hospital were horses so the boys were a nice change for them. I don't think Dan and Robyn are going to want to go for another ride with me anytime soon.
I lost all but one of the baby kittens. I was very sad over that but talking with the vet today made me feel better. He said their body temps being low and their not getting colostrum from their mom in the first few hours made it almost impossible for them to survive. The last one is doing great and the neighbor found the mom. She is very young but when I brought her inside today and showed her the baby she hopped right in the basket and sat down with it so it could nurse. At least now it has a really good chance of making it.
On top of all the above its been a 101F. A hot muggy, miserable day but tomorrow is a new day and I know it will bring many blessings!


PEA said...

Awwww poor Dan and least they have each other at the vet's and will be coming home tomorrow:-) I can well imagine how you and Diva are missing them, though. So sorry to hear about the kittens...I do hope the last remaining one makes it! Great news that the mom was found and is feeding it now:-) No wonder we're not having any heat here, you got it all! lol xox

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry...if it isn't one thing it's another right?

meggie said...

A tough patch for you Peggy, with your soft heart.
Perhaps next time the kitty mother will be a better mother for her kitties.
Hope the boys come through safely.

Anonymous said...

Dear Peggy,
I know your heart is hurting. You have had an emotional few days my friend. Your babies will be home soon and you have a very happy mommy cat and kitten.
A new day will bring smiles I promise.


Marci said...

I bet those little guys were spoiled at the vets. They will have had a grand adventure.

miss*R said...

oh the poor little kittens.. that is sad.
Poor boys too - that's my boy, that Robyn, fighting hard to stay awake... :)