Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carmen got my name in Pea's Halloween swap. I received my package today. Thanks Carmen!

I will probably be a witch for a while. We have started the kitchen redo today. I am staying right with the handyman every step of the way so he will get this done. No dragging around on this and it will get done fast! Yeah, I know after reading Rosa's posts on her kitchen redo I am entering a nightmare.

Frosty Dan and Brown Robyn are growing up. They are no longer little boys. Dan is starting to get dark on his chest and looking more and more like his daddy, Nitro.
Brown Robyn's spots are coming out more and more. He is looking alot like his mommy, Diva.

I have talked William into letting me keep Brown Robyn but will be listing Frosty Dan for sale. We just can't keep 3 bucks and we really want to keep Nitro for Diva and Brown Robyn for Sammi.

Flower had 6 baby bunnies. They are all solid black or solid gray. Dotty had 4 babies and they are all spotted like her. One day I hope to have one that looks like the daddy, Thumper.

Time to build a fire and settle in for the evening. Hope you had a blessed day!


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

RE: Frosty Dan. Don't you just love a man with hair on his chest.LOL

I always dreamed of having a great matted hairy chest. . .I got short changed. But I did manage a beard something my father could never grow. I guess the hairy gene is on the mother's side, like baldness.

It's a man thing;)

miss*R said...

my heart missed a beat when I thought you might be selling Brown Robyn.... I knew i would just have to fly over and rescue him. I am so glad he is staying... now I get to see him become a dad oneday and myself a great godmother!

as to being a witch.. nothing wrong with that Peggy! Put your black hat on.. cackle at those workmen and they will soon get the message (and it helps if you start stirring the cauldron too.. muttering under your breath as you throw in weird things like dirty socks, finger nails and ask them for some of their hair...) hee, hee Or should that be cackle, cackle?

Mary said...

Good luck on the kitchen renovations. I have that to look forward to - hopefully next year. I'm so sick of my kitchen the way it is. We've lived here 15 years and it's time it got done. There's so much to do in this old house. Get out your whip and make those guys work hard.

Love the photos. Last week we didn't go to the farm because of rain and today I forgot my camera. The baby chicks are growing and so are the goats. Many of the nannies are pregnant, which will make for good photos when they deliver.

As always, I enjoyed my visit. Take care.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Those boys are really getting big quick!! It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were wondering when Diva would have them...Now look at them..Sandy

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Your pictures today just melted my heart!!! I wish we lived closer to your homestead....I would be knocking down your door to buy one of your beautiful Nubian bucks!! We lost our buck a few years ago, and we've always been a day late or a dollar short when we've heard of another close to us. I've missed having kids every spring and having our own wonderful milk. We still have two pretty does, and our sweet ol' wether, but all of my brown Nubians are gone, just black ones left. Maybe that's why your pictures tugged at my heartstrings today!

Donna said...

I'm anxious to hear all about your kitchen renovations since I hope that we will be doing our kitchen in the next year or so. Any and all pointers will be appreciated.

Kathleen Marie said...

So sorry you have to sell Frosty Dan. That will be hard but after raising horses for a few years I understand. Carmen sure sent a nice package.

I'll keep you in my prayers during the kitchen makeover! My memories of building a house are still VERY fresh in my mind (NEVER AGAIN ☺)