Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photo's For William

William ask me to post a few goat pics so this post is for him. I will be back a little later with a real post.


Jo said...

While watching TV the other night an Arby's commercial came on and I thought of you and a couple others that raise goats. Two guys were betting about something and one of them says if he looses he will marry a goat. Then they show the two guys later at an Arby's eating and they are in the company of a goat wearing a wedding veil. The other guy then say's......Hey, She's Hot!! I loved it.

Have a wonderful day.

Connie said...

So happy to see all your wonderful babies!.
I love your goat stories and your soap. I hope to meet you someday. DH stated we could stop back on the way back from Florida in April - that is if it is ok. I wanted to see all your little critters and their mom/pop.

Debbi said...

Could you tell me how you get the words across your pictures?

Jennifer said...

I have been checking out the goat pictures in this post and the "moody" one below it. What beautiful goats you have...boy I sure do love those spotted Nubians! When one is that pretty and unique they know they can get away with being a bit of a moody diva. ;-)