Friday, April 09, 2010

Farm Babies Update

Poor Tessa, our Bourbon Red was so upset when we removed her eggs. None of them were any good and were VERY stinky. Cleaned out her nesting area really well and she just walked around the pen looking sad. The next morning she was sitting in her nesting area. Later in the day she was still sitting. Last night she was still there. This morning she was still there so I gave in . I got some fresh straw so she could make a good nest and I gave her 4 hen eggs to sit on. She took them just fine and seems to be happily sitting on her nest. I know I should have just let her mourn and get on with life but I felt so sorry for her not hatching any babies and that she was still sitting hoping . As for the geese, Bonnie and Clyde there are no babies yet or at least I haven't seen any and I am not about to go check under her! Tessa is gentle but Bonnie would take my fingers off while Clyde took the rest of me! Sold more baby bunnies in the past few days and still have more that will soon be ready for new homes. The baby chicks are doing great and running around scratching everywhere.We got rain last night! Finally all the pollen is washed off everything and the gardens have taken off! The strawberries are blooming. We got radishes yesterday and they were so sweet! Soon the lettuce and spinach will be ready to pick. Got my rosemary set out this morning. All the other herbs are doing so well. I need to cut some of my parsley as its growing everywhere. The peppermint and spearmint has came back in full force and needs to be thinned out before it takes over everything. Thyme, and basil are getting so big. All the herbs are looking so good this year and can't wait to dehydrate some for winter. Speaking of cold weather we are having what I call a Dogwood winter. It turned cold after the rain last night and I actually wore a jacket today. Suppose to start warming back up tomorrow. After the several days in the 90's this cold spell was a shock but sure made for some good sleeping weather.
My daughter Melody is going to have to give up Baby E and her brother J. The mother is moving back to her husband's home in a different town. Please keep the babies in your prayers as their dad was a bad dad to them before the mom left. She went to a shelter for awhile and Melody helped her find a job and a place to live. She also had Baby E from the time she was 3 and a half weeks old. Its going to be hard to let them go but even harder knowing what they are going back to and that they will be too far away to make sure they are okay.
Hope everyone has a very blessed weekend. You will find me in the gardens or keeping the bird feeders filled. I have around 15 feeders and the birds don't seem to think its enough!


Granny J said...

We went from days in the low 80s to 34ยบ when I left for work this morning. I refuse to drag out the winter clothes again but I wore jeans with a long sleeved knit top with a jacket over it. I'm sure I'd have piled on more clothes if I had been going to work outside.

I will keep baby E and her brother J in my prayers. That is a tough situation to be in. I hope the mother is making the right decision. At least now she knows that there are people out there that care for her.

PEA said...

Gosh, sis, I can't get over you've already got herbs and veggies growing, we won't see that here until at least June!! Can you believe it, we woke up to snow yesterday morning and it snowed again today. Fortunately it's starting to warm up again and everything is melting. After having had above normal temps for the last couple of weeks, it sucked to see snow again! lol

You sound so busy but I know you love being that kind of busy with the animals:-) Never a dull moment at the homestead I'm sure!! Love ya. xoxo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, That's too bad about Baby E and her brother... I hope the situation will be better now... I know it's hard for Melody to give them back.

We got some rain also--and it's been very cool and windy today. We'll have one more night of cold weather and then it should warm back up.

I was so excited about my Bluebirds making a nest in our new nestbox. But today I found out the the Chickadees have taken over the nest. I have been so upset....

Poor Tessa.... Glad you gave in and gave her some eggs to sit on. I'm sure she's happier now.

Have a great weekend, Peggy.

Kelly or Alex said...

Hi Peggy,
It looks like you are back up to speed. I think about 55mph to keep up with everything. I am excited about getting turkeys. We thought we were getting the Bronze but actually got the Broad Breasted Bronze. They are too big to breed. So, we had two hens die over the winter and that leaves Tom Tom. He is in with the hens and loves it. I think he thinks they are his flock. We will be ordering "heritage turkeys" so we can raise some of our own. So sorry to hear about the stinky eggs. I think our Tom Tom will be happy with a harem even if they arent technically for him. I wish I was closer to take some of the parsley off your hands. We haven't put anything in the ground yet out of frost fear. It was in the 40's today after being in the 80's so it really felt cold. We had a fire in the wood stove that felt wonderful today. Stay warm and enjoy your garden and babies. Take care. So sorry to hear about the babies having to leave. Sometimes parents just don't think.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers go with Baby E. and her brother. I do hope they will be safe.

I was sooo thankful for the rain we got here too. That pollen was the worse I had seen in a while.
It is very cool this morning. I think I will build a fire in the wood heater to knock the chill off.

Good luck to Tessa and her sitting. She sounds like she will be a great mama.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Lib said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear the kids has to leave.We went thru that with Foster kids heart breaking!WIll be praying!
Love hearing about your animals and gardens.
We cut trees last yr. had limbs and tops to cut up for fire pit wood we did that yesterday and today. Homesteading is hard work but oh so fun!;o)
Hope you have a Blessed wk.end!

The Mind of a Mom said...

Ohhh my heart broke for Tessa, but what a sweet thing you did for her! We are having the same weather there it was crazy warm all week then last night it was snowing!
Hope you have an amazing weekend

amelia said...

That's wonderful giving Tessa some eggs to sit on. Will they hatch?
That's also very sad that the babies had to go back. Will the mum keep in touch with Melody to tell her how they all are?

Rachel said...

Well Peggy, I see that you are keeping VERY busy!!

I know all the animals love all the attention you give them!

I hope all goes well for Baby E and her brother. They will be missed by Melody for sure.

BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!!!