Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Megan is resting comfortably physically at the moment though her mind is racing 100mph. Hopefully this hospital stay will get her strength up and stress down. As for my friend Sheri and her husband. I copied and pasted her post for you to read. Your prayers are really helping all and I ask that you please continue praying and sending good, positive thoughts their way.

Sheri's post:

I held my husband's hand for the first time since Sunday night a few hours ago.

talked to the cardiologist- apparently after this surgery his heart went wild and they thought he had a heart attack. all the tests point negative on that, which is not really comforting, since I know the heart can get stronger from an attack, failure is irreparable.

the next 48 hours will remain critical. he's in congestive heart failure and the clot is back in his heart- he said from the calcification he doubts it was completely gone. so they need to give IV nitroglycerin to calm his heart, and they need to give him enough IV lasix to get the fluid out of his lungs, but not so much that they stop flow in the tiny brand new vessels they just attached in the new graft.

they can't even thiink of waking him up yet since he'll think he's drowning (and be right)

yet another disconcerting thing- the cardiologist kept saying "his xrays here from '07 and '08 show no failure, so this must've been in the last year" , assuming he went into the first surgery compromised, till I said "NO- HE HAD A CHEST X RAY HERE LESS THAN A MONTH AGO- DID YOU LOOK AT THAT ONE???"

no. he had not.

guess what? the xray taken one week before his April 5th surgery showed NO heart failure. None. Nada. Zip. Zero.

meaning the strain of 2 major surgeries in 8 days but MAINLY (in my humble know-nothing opiniin) the 6 days of physical drain he had while they held him hostage in CrazyTown caused heart failure. (Sheri's husband was given medication that made him go wild and have to be restrained)

so now he's very very ill.

I'm more than a little annoyed.

his brothers saw him last night, and this morning, and in the wake of "the next 48 hours are critical" pronouncement are going home this afternoon *~*
they never asked how I'm doing. or how Alec's doing. or if we needed money. or made a move to even touch me let alone give me a hug. or said anything about even "hey- it's lunchtime- before we go let us take you and Alec out to eat since we're sure you know a good place".
I was gonna give them a quick primer on the workings of the parking token machines, which are nightmares, but decided to let them figure it out for themselves.

bleah. enough of that.

the GREAT NEWS (which I saved for last- only our REAL trooper friends will have made it this far into the post :LOL:)

when I got there, I took Ward's hand- said "It's me, honey- I'm right here with you. I'm better and when I can't be right here I'll still call and bug you every few hours on the phone- Alec and I aren't leaving Houston without you- it's your job to rest, get strong, keep fighting, and my job to be here and give 'em all hell".

*he squeezed my hand*

I told him "Alec can't see you in ICU, so he opted to stay at the hotel by himself alone for the first time- I told him not to start anything on fire".

*his one remaining eyebrow shot straight up*

he's in there.

and lord help the hospital staff, I'm out here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Peggy. I am still praying for all.

Mrs Mom said...

Prayers continue from this corner, for everyone. Last year we went through our own hospital h*ll with my husband's Dad, and the memory is still too fresh and raw.

Sure hope Alec listens to his Momma about the fire stuff! ;)

melissa said...

Life is so hard for so many folks in such varying ways. Thanks for the updates on your friend and daughter.

So, now how are YOU?

Lib said...

Still praying here!
Hope ur having a great wk. my friend!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks for the update, Peggy.... I hope Megan will be better soon ---and I'll keep her and Sheri and hubby in my prayers.

God Bless You and all of them.

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Peggy ~ I'll add them to my " Prayer " list.

~ Healing Blessings to All ~

amelia said...

Here's hoping you're able to stay strong yourself through all this.
I hope your daughter is going to recover soon and that your friend gets better although it looks as if it will be a slow recovery...