Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Megan is home from the hospital! She is feeling better and sure sounds like the old Megan. She is going to rest and take it easy before going back to work Monday. She says thank you from the bottom of her heart for all your prayers.
I copied and pasted Sheri's news today. Your prayers have been at work there too! Here is what she had to say:

Hey- guess who I saw today?
Ward. Ward Dixon.
ya'll might remember him...
I walked into his room and there he was- no breathing tube, eye open, happy to see me.

now, a quick assessment still shows stitches on his head, neck and leg, the 'detour' tube up one nostril and a feeding tube up the other, a pik line into an artery on his right arm for ease of blood draws for labs and 3 (I think) IV's in his left arm, EKG heart monitor stickers all over, a drain tube in his leg for that graft donor area, pressure socks/shoelets on his feet and a ... 'personal territory' catheter.

under all that is Ward.

his fever's down and he knows who I am and is able to answer questions readily, but not easily since his throat still hurts alot and he's really really dry.

he said "OK- let's go". I said "What do you mean, dear?" He said "Help me get up and let's go".

I tried telling him how long he'd been 'down' and the nurse verified that. he said "Shhh", and tried to get up. *~*
I said "You're too weak, dear- you have to be awake awhile before they let you get up and he said "Shhh" and tried to get up. *~*

10 days I wait for him to talk to me and in five minutes he dismissed me twice. *~*
so the nurse rearranged him on the bed and sat him up some and I asked him
-did he remember going in for the first surgery? "Yes".
-did he remember the little medication problems? "They poisoned me". I told him yes, yes they did, twice, but they won't do that again.
-did he remember I'd been sick? "Yes".
-did he remember going in for the second surgery? "Yes".
-did he know I'd been there all afternoon every afternoon? "Yes".-did he remember me reading to him? "Yes".
-did he enjoy the book? "Yes".
-did he want me to read to him today? "No."

he wanted conversation today, even if it was interspersed with pleas to help him up and out of there that were summarily denied.

at 6pm I said I needed to leave- visiting hours were over and I had to get back to the hotel to Alec and he said "Yes- I know that".

I got a kiss and an "I love you" and I left him listening to Animal Planet on the TV.

Alec and I grilled little skillet steaks on the hotel grill, I nuke-baked some potatoes and steamed some brocolli and Alec proclaimed it AWESOME (of course, I let him be the Grillmaster).

An early evening here tonight.

If I show up tomorrow and they've made him worse (again) I'll really have to hurt someone.
Thank you guys for all your prayers for Sheri and family.

And just incase you wondered where Easter eggs came from look real close in our chickens laying boxes for your answer. You can click on picture to enlarge.


Kelly or Alex said...

Hi Peggy,
Glad that things are picking up. I know you have been busy with the animals and garden. I hope you can put up some pics soon. It take a lot of work and time to get things back to where you like them. Take care.

Lib said...

HAppy to hear good news:o)
Prayer still works!
Hope your having a Great wk.

MaryO said...

Thank the sweet Lord Ward is doing better. I will continue to remember Megan and Ward in my nightly prayers! meo

The Mind of a Mom said...

Well a bunny has to do what a bunny has to do!

Granny J said...

What great news about both Megan and Ward. I'll continue to keep them both in my prayers. Ward is going to have a long recovery and it sounds like he thinks he's ready to go home now.

amelia said...

Great news on both counts!!

So happy that Megan is home, you must be feeling good about that Peggy. It's never a good feeling when one of our children is down..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates and LOL at the picture!


PEA said...

Hi sis:-) I'm finally visiting again and trying to get back into the swing of blogging...took me almost a whole day to do my Freedom Trail post, Blogger was giving me a hard time uploading my pictures!!!

I've just caught up with your last few posts and I can see that a few prayers were needed!! So glad to hear that Megan is now home, hopefully she'll now recover 100%. As for Sheri's husband, what a scare they had. My prayers and thoughts are with them.

So glad you have your camera again and able to take pictures of the animals:-) Always enjoy seeing them. Love ya sis. xoxo

DayPhoto said...

Oh, Peggy! What a hard time you are having. I'm glad things are starting to turn around, but still....just know our prayers are still with you and yours.