Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Hot One

The rabbits are all hugging their frozen water bottles. The pigs are napping in the mud, and so on. Just a repeat from yesterday. I hope the weather breaks soon so they can get some relief. I spent the day inside cleaning, laundry, and rearranging. With a 98F temp I just couldn't face working outside. I have a project as soon as it cools down a bit. Can you believe someone was going to throw these away!!!!
I am going to sand and paint them for the front yard. The glider had one side that was broken but William fixed it and it glides as good as new. Can't wait to get at them! I saw some wonderful garden projects with old doors on several blogs and wanted to do some of my own. I ask on Craigslist for old doors and got a bunch for free! When it cools I will be painting and getting those projects finished.. I hope! Squash and beans are still coming in from the garden so I am putting them up for winter. Got 3 ripe tomatoes yesterday! Boy are fresh tomatoes the best taste ever. Not a lot to post about tonight but wanted to stop in and see what everyone was doing to stay cool. Have a blessed night!


amelia said...

We have the same outdoor furniture except our is green!! I love it and if I was to see some more that was going to be thrown out I'd grab it too!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

It's hot here too, Peggy... In fact, it's downright miserable!!!! Can't wait to see your new lawn furniture once you clean it up... I love gliders!!!!!

Stay COOL.

Denise said...

You're making my mouth water just thinking about the garden fresh tomatoes. Unfortunately, we have a little time to wait before they are ready, we just started picking strawberries! Try to stay cool.

Granny J said...

That glider and chair will be great when you get if fixed up. Those would be nice in your screened porch. It's so hot and muggy here with thunderstorms over most of the state. We had half inch hail earlier. No damage as far as we can see. We'll be able to see better in daylight.

Your squash and beans are going to taste so good this winter.


The Mind of a Mom said...

I hope you get a break soon from the heat! I heard that someone died from the heat in Tenn. they said his body temp was 108 and they could not get his body temp down. Very sad. Stay cool be safe

Marci said...

What will you do with the doors?

Mike said...

Hey. The frozen water for the rabbits is a fine idea. I'm going to start that, too.

Anonymous said...

Nice outdoor furniture!


Food Hog! said...

It's been so rainy here that I have squash that is covered in mold. Would love to have the dry hot that you have.
Keep them animals cool and good luck with the furniture. Makes mine look really bad. ;)

Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Love your furniture cant wait to see it when you finish!
We were 105 on the porch is the shade yesterday,Miserable here!
Have agreat day!

Barbara said...

It was 103° yesterday here, an another really hot one today, but to God be the glory for AC it is pumping already. Hugs, Barbara

Anonymous said...

I love the glider and chair Peggy. We have a set that belonged to my parents and with sanding and paint, they look good as new! Your garden veggies sound delicious. Nothing like a tomato sandwich. Wishing you two a great evening. We are getting thunderstorms tonight - a little relief from the 96 degree heat of earlier today.