Sunday, June 13, 2010

What To Do When Heat Factor Is 105F

Find a nice cool mudhole and take a nap.

Get someone to spray you with a waterhose

Have a nice long drink of ice cold well water

Go swimming

Relax next to a jug of frozen water

Or just keep on working on that herbgarden!
Got a lot done today even in the heat. Chris and Sandy stopped by with their adorable baby boy. They are a young couple just starting to really get into the self sufficient lifestyle. They are growing a garden among many other things. It was very nice to meet and talk with you two! Here are a couple of sites that we talked about. Hope to see you again soon.
Homestead Forum
Hillbilly Housewife
Down To Earth
Off Grid Farming This is Eclectic Farm friend Ang. You will love this site.

Hope everyone had a blessed weekend and that the new week brings peace and happiness to us all.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

It's been horribly hot here too Peggy. We had to turn on our house AC for the first time since we have lived here --in June. We usually don't turn it on 'til mid August... It's not only hot but humid... Yuk!

I think your critters have the right idea of staying cool.... Napping beside a frozen jug has to be nice!!!!!


Denise said...

If I could I would box some of our weather and send it your way. We have had temps in the low 70's the past week with more to come and several rainy days sprinkled in between. You are a great caretaker to all of your animal babies, it sure looks like a lot of work keeping everyone cool.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your time, information, resources, garden stuff and the encouragement! We have so much we are looking forward to and on our long list are more visits to the Hidden Haven!
Sandi, Chris and Sol

The Mind of a Mom said...

Wow we have not even hit high double digits yet this summer yet it has been extremely humid this year. I love your idea of the frozen water in the jug
Hope you get a break from the extreme heat soon


Hey girl. I am going to be in Sanford on the 21st thru 23rd. Are you close to there? Email me your address since I can't remember it. I would love to see you while I am visiting Tom and Karri.

Granny J said...

I'm not sure what the heat index was here yesterday but it was hot and miserable. Please be careful working in the garden when it's that hot. Drink enough water to stay well hydrated.

The pigs look like they're enjoying their cool bath.


amelia said...

Poor animals for having to put up with the heat but I bet they wouldn't want to put up with it anywhere but with you!! They are so lucky with the measures you take to keep them cool!!
It's been hot and humid here too but our whole area needs rain so badly. A whole summer of rain wouldn't be enough, we need a huge pile of snow too all winter!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, we put frozen water bottles in with our rabbits when raising them!


madcobug said...

The heat index here is supposed to be 105 today. The temp is almost 93ยบ now. Getting pretty hot. Helen

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, Very cute pictures. We are burning up here in GA too. I quit blogging for a time, but I am back. Stay safe in this heat.

Anonymous said...

Hey Peggy,
I am ready for somebody to squirt me with the water hose just about NOW! It is 102 here. Me and the garden is looking wilted.
Love the pictures.
Stay cool

PEA said...

I was so warm yesterday afternoon, I was watering the flowers with the hose and turned it on myself! lol I was soaked but oh it sure felt good:-) You take such good care of your animals, they're very lucky to have you as their "mommy"!! Today it only went up in the low 70's but the sun was shining so that was perfect for me:-) Love ya sis. xoxo

DayPhoto said...

We had heat so bad it was hard to breathe and then the rain came in and we almost foze, got down to 57* in the day time. Werid. But that storm has left us and is probably heading your way as I write.