Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Is Done,

Gone the sun. From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky. All is well. Safely rest. God is nigh. That song just came back to me as I sat on the porch this evening. It was a song we sang at G.A. camp when I was a young girl. Always made me feel safe and peaceful hearing everyone singing those words around the campfire. Would love to be in the mountains camping. It sure would be a lot cooler than it is here at the moment!
Asian beef and rice made with ground venison from my brother Don. Fresh salad with tomatoes, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, and bellpeppers from the garden. New red potatoes from the garden roasted in olive oil, fresh rosemary, salt, pepper, and a pinch of fresh garlic was supper tonight. To make it even more perfect it was eaten on the screened in backporch while watching the birds around the feeders eating their dinner. I did have a fan going though to give a breeze as its still hot as blazes here. Summer hasn't even arrived yet and we are having late summer temps already. I am so a cold, snowy person.
The baby blue birds are hatched! If you look really close you can see the last one in its shell. I feel sorry for them as I know its hot in that birdhouse. Momma bluebird will take good care of them and hopefully keep them from getting too hot.
From the day Prissy had her babies this little bunny has slept on his back or side. I have never seen him sleep on his tummy or like the rest of his siblings. He always has his front feet sticking straight up or straight out. Its so cute.Prissy had them out of the nesting box today. They were even sleeping near the froze water bottle with their mom. California Dreamer had 8 babies early this morning. She is such a good mom. She made 3 nest areas and put 3 in 2 of them and 2 in the last one. She knows how to keep them from overheating.

Each morning I load up my wagon with 15 frozen water bottles so I can take them to the rabbit pens. Each evening I make the rabbits mad at me as I load the wagon with the now melted but still cold water bottles. I rinse them off and put them back in the freezer for the next day. I think these rabbits think I should have two sets of water bottles so they can have one to sleep with at night. If it gets any hotter I might just give in and do that. Heck as hot as it is I might just sleep next to a frozen water bottle myself!

Cathe, I am so sorry but I have lost your email addy. If you would email me please at happe2b50 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!


Denise said...

The sleeping bunny is so cute. My big Newfoundland sleep in the most peculiar postions too!

Anonymous said...

I know you fixed up your porch for just such a delicious supper. I just wish it was not so hot! Your menagerie of pets is precious. That bunny with his legs out tickles me - reminds me of Harriet. That frozen water bottle sounds good to me - our a/c is on the blink!

Granny J said...

What a cute little furball. It's hot here but nothing like you're having. Your supper sounds great. Ours was Cheesy Enchilada hamburger helper and tortilla chips. Sweet tea to drink.


amelia said...

I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. I hate the heat myself so I have so much sympathy for you and your pets. I feel for all the outdoor animals in any bad weather and heat is as bad as cold, sometimes worse.
I love looking at your animal pics. We have a robin feeding her babies outside our bathroom window and they make such a racket!! It must be so hard to be a mum in the wild and have to feed your babies...

The Mind of a Mom said...

How does the mommy blue bird keep her chicks cool?
I hope you get a break soon, it is not hot hot here but it is very humid and since I am a human furnace these days it is just not fun.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Thanks for doing so much to make the critters comfortable during all of this heat... And as Dorothy mentioned this morning, it's not even summer yet.... Yipes!!!!!

I'd love your dinner on your porch... Yum...

Don't work too hard.

Glennis said...

The bunny who sleeps on his side is a law unto himself, thinks outside the square! Very cute. It must be very hot for them to need all those frozen water bottles.

melissa said...

I must say, the frozen water bottles are a brilliant idea.

You *are* so clever. :)

PEA said...

It's only 55F here this morning, sis, so you need to move over here! lol A cold front arrived during the night but it's supposed to only be for today and then tomorrow back up in the high 70's which is perfect for me:-)

Between the birds and the animals, they're sure keeping you busy! Loved seeing the pictures of all the babies, especially the bluebirds, I'd never seen them just hatched like that. Awesome!!

That bunny sleeping on his back is just hilarious! He's got his own little character, that's for sure:-)

Love ya sis. xoxox

Dena said...

Awww! Such cute babies and frozen water bottles is an awesome idea!


Beverly said...

Hi Peggy,
It always makes me smile to see someone else who will go to any length to care for their critters. So good of you to keep your bunnies cool like that!!

Have a wonderful day,
Bee Haven Acres

JoyceAnn said...

Beautiful song , it does bring about peaceful feelings. The bunnies are so cute , really need to make a trip to your place when you have some for sale. The Grands still go to our rabbit hutch every once in awhile to see if the bunny has come back. We had a little wren build her nest in the rabbit house a few weeks ago , but they've probably hatched and flown away by now.
I loved seeing the pic of the baby bluebirds , I can't believe Momma bird lets you get close enough to take pics without attacking. I guess she knows you're Ms. Peggy DoLittle (LOL).
It's very hot here also , I'll be glad when we get a break from this heat too.

~ Happy Farm Blessings ~

DayPhoto said...

What a darling little bunny! He is just the most precious thing. If I were closer I would see if I could buy him from you. Then he could be my bunny-boo too.


SciFiChick said...

That has to be THE CUTEST bunny picture EVER!!!!

Aliene said...

What cute pictures. This is my first time on your blog but it is so neat. I don't know where you are from but here in South Louisiana we have really been hot for a couple weeks. We need rain bad. Don't have any animals but our garden needs rain.