Monday, August 30, 2010

A Little of This and That

It was so nice to get chilly this morning while feeding. Love, love, love these cool nights and mornings. That just means winter is right around the corner! I can't wait to sit by a nice warm fire with a nice hot cup of tea listening to the cold winter winds blowing outside.

Today was a busy but productive one. There are 6 racks of cinnamon sage in the dehydrator, 5 pints of pear preserves and 8 pints of pear butter cooling on the kitchen counter. Broccoli, collards, cucumbers, and turnip greens are all coming up in the fall garden nicely. I picked tomatoes, peppers, okra, and a watermelon out of one of the summer gardens. Gave Kuma and Rusty a much needed bath, vacuumed the rugs, swept and mopped the floors, raked the chicken pens, cleaned the rabbit cages and raked all the poop and carried to the mulch pile. Yes, it was a nice busy but hot day. I am hoping the hot days will be over after this week. Am hoping Hurricane Earl blows in the fall weather.

Had nice phone chats with Maggie and Megan today. Maggie is absolutely loving her new job. The girls are loving school, well except for some reason "K" doesn't like home ec. Who doesn't like home ec????? They were going to the library after school till Maggie picked them up but seems they got into a little trouble and now go to the Boys and Girls club. Maggie can relax and not worry about them while she finishes up at work.
Megan is loving her new apartment, still loving working at the doctors office and still walking the track and losing weight. I got to talk to G and Q. G had a slumber party for her birthday. She had 5 girls sleep over or should I say stay over as I doubt there was much sleeping going on. Q is playing football again this year. He is running back on offense and quarterback on defense or at least I think that's the positions he told me. He made 3 first downs  when he had the ball. He made 7 tackles, blocked a field goal and something else this bad grandma forgot. I went to every game last year but this year am only getting to go to one. Q asked me to come to his game on Sept. 11th. Its his birthday but he has a home game that night. I am going to be there with my cowbell, signs, and my screaming voice. I can't wait to see him play. He is very excited this year and told me his name and number were announced over the speaker after more plays the first game than it was the whole time last year. I think he has finally found his niche in football.
Didn't talk to Melody today but she had college classes as well as work. She had a awesome weekend though (read her facebook page). They went to a family reunion and then spent the afternoon watching old movies as a family. Sounds pretty relaxing to me.

Today is my oldest brother Marshall's 69th birthday. He lives in beautiful Sapphire Valley, NC. I don't see him very often or even talk often on the phone but know he is always there for me. I am the baby of the family so he and my other brother Don always looked out for me. They may have been mean to me sometimes and teased me all the time growing up but no one else could ever mess with me or they had my brothers to deal with. Marshall is loving retirement. He hardly ever goes off his mountain. He doesn't like or have answering machine, computer, microwave, toaster, or most small appliances. He loves to fly fish and tie his on flies. He loves having his grandkids spend the summer with him. They help in his garden and go fishing with him. His wife died years ago but he enjoys cooking for grands and the rest of the family. He was blonde headed, blue eyed and tall growing up. The rest of us were short, brown or black headed with brown eyes. He took after my grandpa while the rest of us took after daddy and mother. The picture is of mother, Marshall and Don. Taken before I was even a twinkle in daddy's eye. LOL  Happy Birthday Big Brother! Hope I catch you by the phone later.


amelia said...

Oh Peggy I can't wait for the cool weather. We are dying here and I can't stand it!!

You are such a busy lady I don't know how you do it but I'll bet the dogs are feeling better after their bath. Even though they don't like baths!

I have my kids here so it's a busy week!!

Anonymous said...

You are like me Peggy. You come to life in the cool weather. I am beginning to feel the cool air in the late evening and early morning. Sounds like you had a busy day but a good day. Nice to get updates on your family and what about your grandson's success in football! That's great. I know you'll enjoy the game in person. Happy Birthday to your brother also. I hope the hot days will be over soon. Enjoy your week.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to your brother, fun to see old photos. Have to tell you that QB is an offensive position, I guess 3 sons and more than 10 years of football have taught me a few things, LOL.

You had a very productive day, I was tired just reading all that you did. I'm happy the weather is cooler but not sure I am ready for winter and snow yet. But I'm with you on the fire in the stove and a cup of something warm to drink.

Have a wonderful evening.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

What a neat post, Peggy.... Sounds like your girls and the grands are all fine... Isn't that nice to hear? Bet you miss seeing some of the games this year though... You got to see so much and do so much with them last year. BUT--I'm sure you are where you need to be.

Happy Birthday to your brother.... I guess I admire someone who will live without all of those modern conveniences ---but I will never be like that...

Have a great Tuesday and enjoy the weather.

jrmom said...

What a beautiful post. Its so refreshing to hear someone welcome the fall/winter season. I am fortunate to live in Ohio where I never get bored thanks to the seasonal changes. Each bringing something fresh and new. I see you do a lot of canning. Have you canned plums? If so do you have a favorite recipe you'd be willing to share? Have a wonderful day!

PEA said...

Hi sis:-)

It feels so good to get all caught up with your news, been much too long since I've been able to visit. Today I made the last of the dill pickles and all I have left to do is can the tomatoes once they're ready. Everything else is now done so it should give me more spare time. Also, no more trips planned until at last October! lol

You're getting cooler temps and we're in another heatwave. Ugh! I'll be so happy when we start getting the cooler temps as well. This is so unusual to be this hot and humid at this time of year for us. With the humidex, it's in the high 90's.

I can see that you've been very busy as well! Good to hear that your family are doing well. School hasn't started here yet, I think they go back the Tuesday after the Labour Day weekend.

Happy Birthday to your big brother! Love that picture. It sounds like he's got the perfect retirement life:-)

Love ya sis!! xoxox